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About Us

PWN Excellence is in strategic collaboration with Leonardo Spa Helicopter Division (previously known as AgustaWestland), to be their Authorised Synthetic Training Centre (ASTC). Our main goal is to meet the growing need for Leonardo Helicopters rotary simulator training in the Asia Pacific region. PWNE commenced its operations in April 2013, and is the first simulator operator in the region to have an AW139 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) “Level D”. The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (previously known as Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified PWNE to supply synthetic training services. 

It is an achievement for a Malaysian company to be the first in the region to operate said training. Our staff is 100% Malaysian, with more than 70% possessing a background of aviation-specific technical skill sets. We have highly skilled and experienced Instructors - Leonardo trained, serving the company focus on next-generation AW139 model helicopters and future lines of aircrafts. 

Our training facility is carefully designed to create a streamlined, accurate experience of actual missions for the future pilot at every instruction. In accordance with international-standard training procedures, PWNE is committed to create an apt simulation of the operational efficiency, versatility and performance requirements demanded for qualified pilots in actual flight. Our collective aim is to serve the role as one of the designated centers for rotary simulator training, to meet the growing need in the region. 

PWNE is located within the vicinity of Malaysia International Aerospace Centre in Subang. It is strategically located to ensure our clients will benefit from both the conducive environment of our training facility and also the best that Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as a whole can offer.


"We strive to provide effective training device which meets the standard and requirements of industry and regulated authorities"


"To be preferred premier flight simulator training service provider"


The robust economic growth in Asia over the past several years has created a huge demand for commercial flight training and simulator time to cater to the needs of the oil & gas industry, civilian rotary wing aircraft operators, emergency medical services, construction amongst others. Uniquely positioned to meet this demand especially the next generation helicopters is PWNE. 

PWNE is an Leonardo Helicopters Authorised Synthetic Training Centre (ASTC), the first in the region to offer Full Flight Simulator (FFS) “Level D” training services. Currently it provides simulator training for Leonardo AW139, a new-generation, medium-sized, twin-turbine helicopter, designed to carry up to 15 passengers at very high speeds. The AW139 can be used for a wide range of applications including executive/VIP transport, EMS/SAR, offshore OGP support, fire fighting, law enforcement, paramilitary and military roles.

Our training facilities are certified since April 2013 by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) respectively, to provide Full Flight Simulator "Level D" training, which includes Type Rating, Recurrent and Mission training. In accordance to the training syllabus provided by the Leonardo, PWNE provides a satellite equivalent facility as a qualified ASTC. 

PWNE believes that both these sectors of aviation training here have room for innovation, with undeniable demand worldwide for limited rotary simulators creating incentive for organisations like ours to strive to meet this demand. Against a robust contemporary Asian economic backdrop, it is also timely for PWNE to synergise with the largely unaffected oil and gas industries, civilian rotary wing aircraft operators, emergency response medical service (EMS) organisations and other relevant companies above the commercial line.


PWNE strives to contribute towards the development of Leonardo Helicopters for the Malaysian and Asia Pacific region presence and its global training portfolio.Since business commenced in 2013, PWNE has trained pilots from various countries, with sim hour training growing year-to-year significantly.

Our growing regional clientele roster is varied across industries, providing simulator training for companies with operations comprises of helicopter commuting to and from offshore oil rig, construction companies, medical evacuation, and surveillance to name a few.

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