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Flight Simulator Training Devices


The AW139 Full Flight Simulator is jointly manufactured by CAE and Leonardo Helicopters for "Level D" standards. 

All CAE 3000 Series helicopter flight and mission simulators feature a CAE Tropos-6000 visual system with high-definition commercial off-the-shelf projectors, up to a 220-degree horizontal by 80-degree vertical field-of-view direct projection dome with full chin window coverage, and high-resolution databases tailored to helicopter training operations.


AW139 Full Flight Simulator Specifications:

  • Visual System - CAE, Medallion 6220 IC, DLP Projectors, FOV 210 x 70 degree

  • Motion System - CAE, EMM60, Electric, 6 DOF, 3 DOF vibration platform

  • Engine Fit - Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C

  • Instrument Fit - MFD Honeywell/EFIS Honeywell Primus Epic Suite

  • Software Load - 4-axis AFCS enhanced with SAR mode


For a full rundown of simulator features, integrated visual-modelling scenes and full technical specifications click here



  • The only Level D AW139 Simulator in South East Asia Region 

  • Primarily supporting off shore oil and gas pilot training

  • Certified by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)

AW139 Certified Training

AW139 Special Operation Training (Sling Load, Winching, Shipborne Operation, NVG)

AW139 Mission Training (SAR, EMS, Security Patrolling)

AW139 Training Profile

Some features of AW139 simulator training profile includes:-

  • Offering pilot training either on Phase 5 or Phase 7 avionic suites

  • Offshore environments, including unique wind and wave effects around oil rigs and ships

  • Confined area procedures

  • Platform and rooftop landings

  • Dynamic scenes in highly detailed urban areas, including emergency medical and law enforcement pursuit

  • Night flying and day/night transition

  • Inadvertent entry into instrument meterological conditions (IMC)

  • Crew reaction to deteriorating conditions such as weather and fuel

  • Optional night vision goggles (NVG) and forward-looking infrared (FLIR)

  • VFR and IFR mission applications, including heli-skiing, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), executive transport and more.

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